Today was harder. Writing a report about governance that I have had to collate information from all over for.

Today I wrote 739 words for the final article and 1,014 words in the research notes. I actually wrote about 800 original draft words too that have been deleted, but I don’t count those.

Then I wrote a draft complaint for the FOI request I am currently toiling over. That is sitting at 520 and now I am waiting to find out whether to send it or not.

appreciate being able to write different types of things and still have it count towards my word count. I do think that it’s easy to fetishise one type of writing over another but each of these papers are being “sent” to someone and thereforeI am counting them as part of AcWriMo. This means that blogs will also be counted where they are part of ‘work’ but not where they are just part of my whim (like this one!).

I also finished my primary source analysis on English progressive schools a week early yesterday. Being in AcWriMo helped me be excited about the project and also made me want to ‘complete’ it because I couldn’t face the idea of writing on it for 3 hours EVERY DAY and without other things to distract me it was just easier to get it done.

It’s below. I’m quite pleased with it.